A + mani

A master class about fashion, digital fabrication and handcraft

Matching imprese ristrette/fablab

Municipality of Milan

Fastweb digital academy

90 hrs digital fashion projects

MxM - moda collaborativa

Punto a Capo Association and Sartoria il Gelso from Turin are united under MxM project. Training and consulting for opensource software and lasercutter for fashion.

AnotherShoe _ Reloaded

Lucky to be part of a secret workshop at WeMake with Eugenia Morpurgo and Sophia Guggenberger of AnOtherShoe: Design and prototype your Anothershoe! Here’s mine ^_^

Cork Design

Co-bak _ Tobacco bag lasercutted and sewed at WeMake, engraved with cc icons and patterns

Digital Fashion

Lasercutted patterns and motifs: designed with Valentina&Inkscape open source softwares

Aligned bracelet

Leather lasercutted bracelet with jointed fastening


Onepiece lasercutted bag in real leather, feat. zipper all around.


Onepiece lasercutted bag in felt, feat. zipper all around.


Lasercut engraving leatherette _ 1st experiment

WOOL _ a soft collaboration with Claudia Scarpa
Felted backsacs
Prototypes made with Venetian thin yet puffy wool, knitted with an electric Brother knitting machine by Claudia Scarpa (also designer of the pattern) felted with hot water and Marsiglia soap, sewed at WeMake