Graphic & communication

Graphic designer + product R&D
Flyer designed for Sartoria Sanvittore Ethical Fashion Show participation_ May 2015
Flyer and Poster Benvenuto Fashion show _ April 2015
Flyer and poster Sartoria Sanvittore PE2015 collection_ Presentation event
Digitalization of Expositivo’s logo – event – designed by artist Alessandro Brevi
Layout of the story written by Marina Canzian together with ICAM’s mothers on the tag for the bags sewn in ICAM’s lab.
Social Report 2014_ Layout and infographics
Poster and flyer about Bollate lab
Shooting Gattalogo _ Tetrapack pencilcase
Flyer Fà La Cosa Giusta 2014
Business Card
Flyer Sartoria Sanvittore _AI 2013
Illustration for Coop Alice at “Tendence” Frankfurt fair