Wearables - formazione e primi progetti

Engraved and lasercutter leatherette with soft circuit (gemma + photocell + arduino leds)_ project in collaboration with Zoe Romano

Fox skull (electronic circuit)

Culture Series

Project designed by Greek artist Afroditi Pasarra and architect Dafni Papadopoulou. Line of wearable clothes featuring muscle wire implementation. Click on the image for the full project.

I helped Afroditi and Dafni with my patternmaking knowledge and some hand and machine stitching. On the other hand I had the luck to learn a little about muscle wire and electronics.

Arduino Day Milano 2015

Explaining Culture Series shirt during arduino day 2015 taking place at WeMake.

Afroditi Psarra Speakers Workshop

Lylipad + Photocell = vrrrrrrr

Textile switch turns on a led when squeezed

First date with Arduino Lilypad