Master Degree project

Labo 24: a sustainable fashion project featuring simple design, tailoring and recovery materials.


Group Workshop: Lookbook for an hairstylist: art direction, photography, style inspired by Patty Smith’s icon.

Bestiario Contemporaneo

Group workshop_ capsule collection based on simple design, different kind of fabrics (silk, neoprene, wool) and accessories modifying dresses shapes on the body.

Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien

A semester abroad _ Erasmus project
I’ve been hyper excited my whole time in Wien, at the Angewandte Kunst. I was floating between laboratories, trying the most of them, almost getting sick for the willing to finish and give a sense to all my experience. Silk screen printing, patternmaking, sewing, even a social project with Lucy Orta as inspiration: Life dress. I’m always thinking about this time, people and knowledge as best university experience.

Bachelor degree project

La guerra degli opposti _ War of antonyms
Once upon a time there was a coat. It was black, simple, unnoticed. Then it met a skirt. It was colorful, bright, remarked. They fell in love and become one thing: a humble coat with a bright lining, a shiny skirt with a strong shell inside. Made with Sensitive outside and customized digital printed silk inside, the dress is inspired by the work of Jil Sander and Vivienne Westwood. And by architects Calatrava and Libeskind.


Group Workshop: Furla, famous leather Italian brand, asked to redesign its masterpiece Divide it. We designed a bag that could be easily built up or open up and that didn’t used much material and space to be shipped.